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Powdered Chalk: A Quick & Easy Way to Add Color

Although I love colored pencils and detailed designs, sometimes I want to add color quickly with a softer and more natural look.  Powdered chalk can be used to create beautiful backgrounds. You may blend directly on paper or use stencils to create designs.  

The images created with the silhouette flower stamp remind me of cyanotypes produced from early photographic printing techniques.  However, the stamped image is what picks up the color. The method is very simple.  

Stamp with Versamark ink and lightly apply the chalk over the stamped surface.  Chalk can be applied with sponge daubers or cotton balls.  Cotton swabs work as well. 

Powdered chalk will stick to the Versamark  and your image will magically appear.  You can add a thicker layer for more intense color.  I like to create simple monochromatic prints though you can easily use add more than one color to the same image.  


The high quality chalk comes in a container with an attached cap.  Our basic chalk set includes six colors.  A blue and yellow can create the sun and clouds.  Green and brown are added for grass, leaves and tree trunks.  The set also includes a crimson red and a rich purple.  



Use a stencil to fill the sky with beautiful clouds! 





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